Month: April 2007


wonderland got a nomination in the penciller/inker category! … the full list:

* Mark Buckingham/Steve Leialoha, Fables (Vertigo/DC)
* Tony Harris/Tom Feister, Ex Machina(WildStorm/DC)
* Niko Henrichon, Pride of Baghdad (Vertigo/DC)
* Michael Lark/Stefano Gaudiano, Daredevil (Marvel)
* Sonny Liew, Wonderland (SLG)
* Steven McNiven/Dexter Vines, Civil War (Marvel)

i’m guessing Niko or the award  though i’ve only browsed through POB… time to visit the bookstore :p its mad exciting to be on the shortlist in any case though :p


Recent news that apple is going to stop their copyright protection nonsense for songs bought off i tunes should be great news, except its not, if your living in the far east.

Cos they won’t accept credit card payments from outside the US and Europe, so you can’t buy anything off the i tunes shop. The same for napster. Russian sites are dirt cheap but their legality remains questionable. The Creative download store is local and legal but requires you to install a new programme on your pc in order to download songs.

Its ludricous how much time music companies spend protecting their copyrights and going after piracy over here whilst making it so difficult for consumers to buy songs legally even when they want to.

so i say: go do a jolly roger, ahoy matey and shiver me timbers, life’s too short.


the guardian had a good article on copyright today:,,2051729,00.html


what i’ve been up to for the past couple of months:

– continuing work on SLG’s Wonderland. Its been fun but i wish disney would have been nicer to dan in the trade negotiations. silly mice!

– trying to start up an anthology featuring southeast asian artists.

– getting all worked up about a postal delay for my Spectrum entry. It turned out to be OK.

– proofing the Re-gifters, part of DC’s new Minx line, with Mike Carey and Marc Hempel. Its finally out in July!

– getting ready to start on something with First Second Books, who’ve released some amazing books, not least good ol’ Lat’s Kumpung Boy.

– getting chicken pox and not being able to play footie :p