Month: November 2011


A review of Sense & Sensibility from the Guerilla Librarian 🙂

“I loved this one–a triumphant adaptation of a classic tale into a new format that loses nothing in the translation. Buy one for the Austen-ite in your life, one for the cynical closet romantic, and one for the teen who can’t be bothered to read anything published before 2007.”

Sketches & Postcards

Will be signing at the Popular Bookfest this Saturday from 5-7pm.

Suntec Convention Hall(Hall 601-603)

Sketchcards available (contact me for any pre-orders), as well as postcards for $3 each. Featuring:

Plus He-man and Bat-man, but not Man-man :p

(From Wally Wood’s “Flesh Garden”)


Elephant Parade Singapore

Elephant Parade Singapore starts today! Originally named “”Memoria Maximus: Every Moment Is An Eternal Present” , but reduced to “Elephant Memory” due to length issues, Ele will be at Vivocity for most part, until the last couple of days when all the elephants get moved to the Botanic Gardens.

For an earlier post on painting the elephant:

And a post on Artitute:

The actual Elephants will be auctioned off, though you can also buy smaller scale ones here:

They’re available at Tangs too I think! (and a couple at Mulan)

The one I saw online looked different though, comparing the original…

…with the smaller scale copies done by artists in Thailand:

It’s kinda like the alternative comics/Kramer’s Ergot version :p

Anyway a couple more views of Ele:

Go visit all the elephants, and support the good cause of saving elephants in Southeast Asia 🙂

Ele’s location:

11 Nov – 7 Jan: Vivocity

8 January 2012 -11 January 2012: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Time: 5 am – 12 midnight)

My Faith in Frankie ver 1.4

The new edition of My Faith in Frankie is out today! It’s kinda the fourth incarnation, after the initial single issue mini series, the black and white trade edition (often described as Proto-Minx) and the Spanish edition from Norma.

It’s a bit of an odd beast, not quite a real trade (there are adverts like in normal single issues and the the cover material is thinner than with normal trades), and labelled “#1” for some reason… still it’s good to see the book collected in colour, and in english, after all this time 🙂


Interview with the Dan White (Thebeastmustdie) over at the Mindless Ones!

I really enjoyed their account of 2000AD, having experienced a similar trajectory where I’d gone from reading the magazine semi-religiously to hardly at all.

On another front, here’s a scan of pages from October’s Departures magazine, with a piece about the recent Art Auction. Chow Chun Fai’s paintings based on Hong Kong movies are interesting indeed! Thanks to Audrey and Howard for the pdf 🙂