Month: April 2011

Malinky Micheluzzi

The italian version of Malinky Robot’s up for a Miglior Fumetto Estero (best foreign comic i think!) Micheluzzi award 🙂

A couple of reviews here, here and here, all in italian. Some yahoo babelfishing required perhaps :p

Image above is a WIP for the english collection due out in july/august 🙂

Jane for Japan

The Secret Identities folks have put up a bunch of things on Ebay for auction to help raise funds for aid relief for  Japan; two Sense and Sensibility pages amongst them, starting at US$20!

do make a bid if you’re keen, its for a good cause 🙂


The upcoming Flight vol 8 will be the last in series, characterised by Douglas Wolk as representative of the “Smooth Wave” of non-mainstream comics. Taking part in Flight has been a great experience and great exposure, so I felt I had to try to do a story for the final collection. Its got the little blue robot again, a story that’s sort of a homage to Jiro Taniguchi’s Walking Man, along with expriences at Bicof in South Korea last year 🙂


Mike Allred’s Madman: All-New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! is out soon i think! I did a pin-up that’s in there somewhere; superexciting, having been a big fan of Madman for the longest time :p Photo above from Jamie Rich’s Blog . There are also pin-ups by Emily Carroll, Philip Bond, Darwyn Cooke, Gilbert Hernandez, Frank Cho and more!

Mike also did a Malinky Robot pin-up, which will be in the collection from Image out this July! 🙂

Tappity Tap

The young artists I worked with for the TAP programme had their works displayed at the ION a couple of weeks back. Missed out on seeing the displays due to Things and Stuff, but they took pics and sent me some so here are some! :p

Here’s Adorabelle who did a manga inspired comic about a dying boy and his best friend. Its not Yaoi though! :p

Alfred with his comic about a freelance firefighter in a fantasy setting!

Shawna did a much less traditional comics project, more in line with the Kramer’s Ergot stuff, dealing with weighty themes of loss and memory (i think) :p

For some reason no photos of Jake; but here’s a page from his comic about a hunter and a fox, with excellent painterly colours 🙂

No Grace photos either… her comic was about a Robot facing a Big Existential Decision 🙂