Tappity Tap

The young artists I worked with for the TAP programme had their works displayed at the ION a couple of weeks back. Missed out on seeing the displays due to Things and Stuff, but they took pics and sent me some so here are some! :p

Here’s Adorabelle who did a manga inspired comic about a dying boy and his best friend. Its not Yaoi though! :p

Alfred with his comic about a freelance firefighter in a fantasy setting!

Shawna did a much less traditional comics project, more in line with the Kramer’s Ergot stuff, dealing with weighty themes of loss and memory (i think) :p

For some reason no photos of Jake; but here’s a page from his comic about a hunter and a fox, with excellent painterly colours 🙂

No Grace photos either… her comic was about a Robot facing a Big Existential Decision 🙂


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