Month: August 2012

Maximize Wealth, Ace Your Exams and be a Winning Winner By Drawing Comics

Come to STGCC on Sunday Sept 2pm (this year its at Marina Bay Sands!) for a panel on Singapore Comics! Organised by Epigram Books, this is the first time a local publisher is making a serious attempt to put Singaporean comics into the market, so do come give your support!

Amongst the attendees will be: Dave Chua, Koh Hong Teng, Drewscape, Xiao Yan, Miel, Oh Yong Hwee and myself 🙂

STGCC, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marine Bay Sands – Event Stage

Sunday, 2 september 2012


Fool of a Lund

The disqualification of 4 women’s doubles teams from the Olympic Badminton competition places the blame in the wrong place.

As the report says, “Several BWF employees said concerns had been raised when it was announced that the Olympic badminton events would begin with a round-robin group stage rather than, as before, being knockout from the start.”

The reason for introducing the round-robin stage is clear enough  – to allow ‘lesser known’ players more playing time – but the organisers (including the gormless-seeming Thomas Lund) really need to take responsibility for not considering the consequences or tweaking the system to prevent such a scenario (eg: a new draw after the round robin stage to see what teams play one another, rather than have the table topper from each group face the second placed team in another group).

The Guardian’s Simon Jenkin’s take on it feels right:

The players train for 4 years to try to win medals; the organisers are to blame for introducing a system that made winning every match actually detrimental to that goal.

The result : they now have 4 of the weakest teams in the field playing in the quarter finals. More playing time I guess! :p




Hard not to feel a sense of injustice for South Korean fencer Shim A Lam.

As the report above indicates, no one’s clarified what the ‘violation’ was for adding an extra second, and more importantly, the technical glitch of the clock freezing would seem to clearly sway things in Shim’s favour.

Shin’s chance at a gold medal are well in the past, and it is all because a cockamamie ruling that was not overturned for reasons unbeknownst to the general public.”

Where’s Ahn Jung Hwan when you need him? :p