Month: April 2008


First saw this on a BBC programme years and years ago; i remembered it as one of those most beautiful pieces of animation i’d ever seen. Re-watching it again  and its absolutely brilliant 🙂


Recent work has involved illustration projects that require digital colouring/painting; the content itself has been client-driven and not especially engaging, but they did make me realise the extent to which you could manipulate ‘paint’ digitally. The upshot is some touching up (finishing up in some cases) of what have been pretty poor scans of actual paintings…

WIPs below:


Orphan Works Law

Still reading about this, but it seems like something to worry about.

Its a bill in congress that seeks to change copyright law which will require all work we have ever done and ever do to be registered (for a fee), otherwise you would lose your copyright, and anyone could use it without paying you a cent.

Current law assumes passive copyright.

To learn more:

and a brad holland interview: