Month: July 2011

Malinky Robot Review

A Malinky Robot review over at CBR’s CSBG!

Brain Cronin says it’s “…a stunning mixture of whimsy and sadness, as the two young leads of Liew’s Malinky Robot tales live in a world where technology is futuristic but the world itself is still pretty darn dusty and sad looking…  a powerful work and well worth you picking up. “


Painted an elephant for the Elephant Parade, Singapore edition, taking place a little later this year. Its for charity auction, to help conservation efforts in Southeast Asia.

Here’s Ele with her first touch of burnt sienna .

With some underdrawing and colours…

And all painted up. Starring Elephant Memory Man – “He Just Cannot Forget The Past.”

The Other Side.

Backs and Fronts.

The video!

A different experience painting on a 3D object – trickier planning how it would look and ultimately lots of it had to made up on the fly. Elephants, elephants. The last one I saw at the Night Safari loomed and rose like a leviathan, a source of wonder and aching in the heart.

Beats, Pages and GhettoManga

Over at the Beat, Heidi MacDonalds says: “A collected edition of MALINKY ROBOT, Sonny Liew’s charming series about two urchins in a city full of giant robots, is coming out in August, and here’s the cover. Liew is the artist of MY FAITH IN FRANKIE, Marvel’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, and many other fine comics; he also edited two volumes of the Eisner-nominated LIQUID CITY, the Singapore comics anthology… Liew is a fantastically talented artist; MALINKY ROBOT comes out from Image in August and it’s well worth searching out.”

On Page 45, Stephen says that Malinky Robot has ” a dark humoured but child-like sensibility. If Marc Hempel and Miyazaki collaborated, it would feel very much like this.”

Speaking of Miyazaki, here’s the theme song from my favorite Studio Ghibli movie 🙂

And thanks to Samax at Ghetto Manga for his previews!

Malinky Robot Press Release

The Image Press Release for Malinky Robot : collected stories & other bits is out!

Berkeley, CA – 1 July 2011 –The captivating world and quirky characters detailed by award-winning artist Sonny Liew’s (LIQUID CITY VOL. 1 and 2, My Faith in Frankie, Wonderland, Sense and Sensibility) loose and emotive watercolor-drenched pencil work are set to charm readers in August, with the release of MALINKY ROBOT: COLLECTED STORIES AND OTHER BITS from Image Comics.

A recipient of the Xeric Award and Best Science Fiction Comic Album award at the Utopiales International SF Festival, MALINKY ROBOT blends dystopic sci-fi and indie sensibilities into a uniquely oddball world, where street urchins Atari and Oliver scrounge, steal bicycles and watch Giant Robot movies.

Liew says, “The stories of MALINKY ROBOT have always been the ones that I feel most personally connected with, from their rhythms and structure, to the character and architectural designs. It’s very exciting to see them collected together in this book.”

MALINKY ROBOT not only includes short stories like “Stinky Fish Blues” and “Karakuri” from the LIQUID CITY and Flight anthologies, but also a gallery of Liew’s concept and sketch art, along with pinups by incredible artists such as Mike Allred, Roger Langridge and Skottie Young. Writer Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Deadpool, Wonder Woman) described the collection as “[a] book so full of wonders and treasures it feels like you should need a pirate’s map to find it. A stunningly gorgeous mix of urban fantasy and charming adventure that I plan to read until the spine falls off.”

MALINKY ROBOT: COLLECTED STORIES AND OTHER BITS TP (JUN110503), a 128-page full color collection of short sequential art stories retailing for $16.99, will be available at a comic store near you on August 3, 2011. It is available for pre-orders from Diamond Comics, and from retailers such as Amazon. For more information, please visit

Flight (final) Volume 8

The final volume of the Flight anthology is out! You can get  it on Amazon.

I’ve got a Malinky Robot story, “New Year’ Day” in there; pre-0rders of a new Malinky Robot collection is also up on Amazon, buy it here!

It’s been a fun ride on the Smooth Wave! (so says  Douglas Wolk)

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Some “New Year’s Day” Art: