Fate Covers

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Doctor Fate Covers, issue 1-5





And some for Boom Studios below :)


Variant Cover for Roger Langridge’s Abigail and the Snowman


Cover for Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Witches anthology


Variant cover for Americatown

Beauty World

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A short comic that appeared in the Summer 2015 edition of Art Review Asia :)




Jibber and Jabbers

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Dr. Fate #1 hit the stands this week, and the reprint of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye made it back to stores too!

Spoke to a a few folks about both books:

Steve Morris at Comics Alliance

Jennifer Deguzman at Publishers Weekly

Alex Tham at Buro

And here are some reviews:

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye:


The Middle Ground


Dr. Fate:


Comic Book Resources

The Beat

Pop Culture Uncovered

Too Dangerous For a Girl!

Scifi Jubilee

Hush Comics

Fandom Post

And meanwhile, Shadow Hero writer Gene Yang is of course writing Superman!

Dr. Fate Covers

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Covers for the new Dr. Fate series from DC Comics, written by Paul Levitz. I’m handling cover and interior art, with Lee Louhridge on colors, Nick J. Napolitano lettering, edited by Brian Cunningham, Andy Khouri and Amedeo Turturro :)

Issue #1 is out on June 17th!




This image was cropped for the solicits due to sensitivity over the Germanwings tragedy.


There’s rain. Lot’s of rain :p



May Missives: Book Launch and Doctor Fate

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The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye Book Launch

For those in Singapore, do drop by Books Kinokuniya (Main Store) on May 30, from 2-3pm for the launch of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye.

The international edition of the book will be released by Pantheon Books in 2016,  but readers in Singapore and Malaysia can get a copy now at all good bookstores, as well as online from Epigram Books.

Unique and unprecedented… a masterpiece.
Mike Carey, Lucifer, The Unwritten, The Girl with All the Gifts

A joy to read. Sonny Liew masterfully weaves the history of Singapore with the history of comics into something you’ve never experienced before.”
Gene Luen YangAmerican Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints


This week also saw the release of the 8-page Dr. Fate teaser story from DC Comics, which you can read online or at the end of Aquaman #2.

Written by Paul Levitz and drawn by myself and lettered by Nick Napolitano (with Lee Louridge on colours in the series proper), issue #1 is out on June 17 :)

“If this series treats Khalid’s journey into becoming Doctor Fate with the same care and thoughtful consideration that Levitz and Liew are implying in this short chapter, then we will have a very meaningful and important book on our hands.” – Comicosity.com

We Were Only Fulfilling Orders

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The Singaporean/Malaysian edition of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is available for online orders from Epigram Books:


(International buyers can get the Pantheon Books edition in 2016, with a French and Italian edition also due out around the same time.)

A review meanwhile from the Malaysian Reserve:

The Art of Comics and History

[O]ne of, if not the best, comic books in the past five years. We’re not just talking regionally, but maybe across the globe… a labour of love and a triumph of storytelling that transcends any medium. Definitely a must-read.”


Here’s a picture meanwhile of my mom and dad at the recent Kinokuniya KLCC launch!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the event :)  For those interested in Malaysian comics, do check out Maple Comics.

Free Comic Book Day!

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Gene and I revisited the Green Turtle for Free Comic Book Day!



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