Month: August 2008

Liquid City Website, Vertigoed and Other Stuff

Thanks to JF Koh, we’ve been able to put together a blog and previews site for Liquid City:

The anthology will be launched in November this year, and includes works by creators like FSC, Leong Wan Kok, Gerry Alanguilan, Troy Chin, kenfoo, Lefty, Drewscape and many others. Lat‘s participation though was particulary exciting, cos i grew up reading his comics, and books like Town Boy and Kampung Boy get better with every reading; you realise how much craft goes under the deceptively simple surface.

We’ll be arranging for book signings at Kinokunikya in Singapore and Malaysia, watch… various spaces for updates :p

Speaking of Kino, recently headed there to get some new comics, and saw the Vertigo Encyclopedia; so the first thing i did of course was to see if they had any entry on My Faith in Frankie…and was surprised to find it did in fact get a whole page! :p

Finally me, Hong Teng,  Lun Cheak and Skan will be having a group exhibition of our personal and commericial works at the Black Earth Art Gallery starting November 29, more details once we’ve firmed up stuff :p