Month: June 2012

Frankly Mr Shankly

There’s a new Frank OCBC branch opening up at Singapore Poly, did a wall mural for, well, the wall.

Not quite what I had in mind at the beginning of the project, here’s how the design evolved:

The initial idea was to do a short comic playing with movie genres and tropes. From horror…

…to sci-fi…


… to superheroes and heist movies…

My favourite though, was this one, which I thought had a nice air of mystery and macguffins about it…

As an afterthought I threw in this in as well…  which turned out to be the one they went for :p

This was the initial sketch… the main protagonist looked a little too slovenly…

… so he became a bit more Chinese Propaganda Poster heroic. The text needed changing too, some younger people in the crowd required, so eventually it morphed into the final version.


The Office

The Microsoft office in Singapore underwent a revamp recently, so did a bunch of comics for them, as guides to how (not) to work in the new Open Office environment.

Much more entertaining of course is still Bill Gates jumping over a chair :p


This, in itself, feels more like  Mr. Brainwash than Banksy.

Beyond that, given that the images are a confrontation of Singapore’s conservative side, I’m not sure it makes sense to want to  give credit for a rebellious act, yet seem surprised by the system that makes that rebellion meaningful in the first place.

And: the maximum sentence is hardly any indication of what the actual sentence will be, so turning this into a cause célèbre seems like it’s just going to complicate matters. (see: Michael Fay)

Still: the pulse, the pulse.